Arm + Bottle Location-Rigging-Problem.

Hi everybody,

I have a problem which I have no clue what the solution could be.

I want to create an animation where the arm is rotated up and down, while the hand holds the bottle, to get something like a “Running” Animation.

As long only the arm is animated everything is working fine and the animtion looks good.

But as soon as I create the animation for the bottle (whereby the bottle contains out of three parts), the arm goes crazy and rotates/moves to position I never wanted it to be.

My idea was, that the Orign of the bottle/arm is wrong, but neither setting the origin to the same position for both objects (arm + bottle) nor have them to different position did work.

Actually I’m running out of ideas here - can anybody help?

Best regards,


Don’t animate the bottle separately.

One good practice is:
Create 2 empties, at the same position, one for the bottle, one for the hand.
parent one to one of the hand-bones, the other to the bottle.
Now add a constraint to the bottle empty to copy location and rotation of the hand-empty.
The bottle fill always follow the hand.
And you can always animate the influence of copy loc/rot to engage/disengage the bottle from the hand.

Thanks a lot for this hint - I will try it later today and reply.

I was now able to test your suggestion and it worked absolutley perfect.

Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!

Best regards,