Arm cpu

Someone has tested Blender with ARM CPU?
Low cost renderfarm?


GPU openCL support:

open board:


ARM video demo with Big Buck Bunny video embebed

you have piqued my curiosity… unfortunately, i don’t know enough about software/hardware to give an opinion on the feasibility of such a system. I’ve been wanting to build a render farm for some time now, and have looked at it from a number of angles, and it basically comes down to this: build a renderfarm the old fashioned way, with typical off the shelf computer components, which is practically a no brainer, but ungodly expensive - or do something more along the lines of what you are suggesting, using openhardware/embeded systems, which are cheaper, but because they are still very primitive and not widely used, require a considerable amount of technical know how to get a working system. Of course technology is advancing so rapidly, its only a matter of time before the tools, knowledge and technology become more accessible and user friendly.

…while researching the ARM/beagleBoard, i came across something called the Illuminato X Machina:

its still a tinker toy - all ive really seen it do is just blink a few LEDs, but just imagine having an array of GPUs synced up in this manner…

another board with a CPU / GPU Nvidia ARM architecture:

compiler for ARM architecture:

 		 			 			 				 	@destyrabbs2x23 destryrabbs2x23: Very interesting Illuminato X Machina

Hi all!
Resurrecting this old thread because the Samung Galaxy S20 series was launched yesterday - I’m curious to know if this will, or can be MADE to run Blender?

These are the specs:

any phone from the last 3 year can run easily blender 2.8+ as long you find someone to port the opengl in to the opengl es 3.1 for android, right now its seems no one cares, unfortunately

by the way the galaxy s20 its a beast , wow 12gb ram? amazing! my smartphone has only 6gb ram and snapdragon 845 soc :slight_smile: