Arm IK setup causes unwanted bone roll

Hi everyone, I’m doing a standard fk ik arm rig. I had to add a pole target bone, but changing the pole angle to the correct setting will also cause the bone to rotate around its locale axis. The lower bone set is are the IK bones with the wrong roll. Did anyone already encounter this problem and knows a good fix? Please say, when my description wasn’t clear.

I don’t see what needs fixing. The axes for all three sets of arm bones appear to have the same orientation.

if the IK is pointing to a target and you move the target its going to affect the IK, logic right? so remove the ik, fix the roll and put the ik back.

Thank you for you replies, the bone roll is correct, before the IK, it is wrong after the pole target angle. The pole target and the resulting “roll” also occurs in the rest position. Any advice would be appreciated.
(Please excuse my english since I am not a native speaker.)
Thank you.

Change the Pole Angle value in the IK constraint. You’ll have to try a few values. Try multiples of 90 degrees. For elbows I often end up at -90 degrees, but that may not be right for your rig. It all depends on the rolls of the bones involved and the direction the pole target bone is pointing.