Arm is wonky?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a very basic rig for an animation and the right arm is messed up. Whenever I move it, part of the hand and lower arm stay behind. I checked the vertex groups and all of the correct vertices are assigned to the group, but it still is not working. The left arm works perfectly fine and the rig is identical on each side. Here are some screenshots.

Thanks for the help in advance, I’ve about lost my mind trying to figure it out. :eek:

i think you have another vertex group also assigned to the arm. check all yor bones in weight paint to easily see.
you may also have double vertexes in the meas so try to “remove double” and see what happens.
good luck

Nope. I checked the vertex groups, everything’s fine. Removing doubles does nothing.

Tried weight painting?

Yes. (10 character rule)

I fixed it. I remodeled the arm. I still don’t know what was wrong though.