Arm looks alright when flexing one way, but not the other

Hello Blender community,

 Recently, I have been trying to model a basic, low-poly human for a game that I would like to make.  It's my first time that I've needed to spend a lot of time in weight paint mode, and likely, I am painting something wrong.  My main problem areas are in the shoulder and below the pelvis.  Whenever I need to rotate my shoulders for instance so that the palm of your hand is facing you, the top of the arm seems to deform in awkward ways.  I'll have a blend file attached so that anyone who would like to play around with the weight paint may certainly do so.  Thanks for the help!

The Blend: HumanRig.blend (1.82 MB)


I don’t see anything shocking with the deformations - sure it’s a very basic rig, so there’s no expecting the character will deform in a realistic manner, but it seems to work ok. I would advise separating the ik and fk controls, and creating a separate set of bones used to control the rest, too.


For a start I’d ditch autoik. You can get a lot more control over the rig if you just apply some ik constraints manually. Or even use Something like Rigify. It’s a bit involved for some projects. But it is a very well made tool.

Don’t forget that shoulders come into play for movements like raising the hands above the head. So some shoulders bones would be an advantage if you decide to construct something yourself.

A more controllable rig will help with testing the weights out. :slight_smile: