Armature acting up (more than one thing)

I’ve lately been having trouble with my armatures. Namely, any i’ve created past 2.64 (a long time to write it up, i know, but i hadn’t needed to make a new one since 2.63).

The first sign something was wrong was when i tried mirroring the bones, which for some reason required me to mirror around the Y-local even though it’s around the x-axis that they will orient (not a big deal in and of itself, but), then, using the X-axis mirror to extrude some IK target bones, for some reason the bones’ tips will immediately hit the central x-axis and stick to it. I can go around that by just making the bones just on one side and then mirroring, but the real brick wall comes when i try to make the IK constraints. I link the bones to the target normally, but when i try to move the target bone, it seems to be able to move along only two axes, slowly at first, but then spinning out of control at the slightest movement.

An old armature i made in 2.63 works just fine, but anything i make from scratch in 2.64 or 2.65a is affected. I could try using my old armature and repurposing, but that is severely limiting and doesn’t address the problem.

I seem to vaguely remember encountering this problem sometime before, but never in blender, and never this persistent.

Could anyone share some insight?

Thanks for your time.

I’ve just been working on a few small rigs over the last week and haven’t encountered any major issues, not the type you’re describing, at least.

Please post an example and we can go from there.

Sorry it took me a while. First time using Camstudio.

Here’s the link

The first file is one worked on in 2.63, so it’s from a while ago. Still works fine.

The second is an armature i built for a mesh i imported from a psk file. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but it might, so i’m pointing it out. The problem with with the x-local mirroring only seems to happen in this file now, i’m not sure why.

The third is something i made just for this example. Just so i’d have something made from scratch right now.

If there’s anything you can point out, i’d be really grateful.

EDIT: While i’ve yet to completely figure out why the x-axis mirror does that (pretty sure it’s connected to why i’ve had to mirror the armature in y-local instead of x), i’ve finally unchecked the Moron box in my Brain panel, and solved the IK problem. I was just disconnecting the IK bone from the arm, and not clearing the parent (all my IKs are parented to the root in my old armature). Once i did that, it worked just fine.

I still have the thing with the mirror (i should be able to work around it if nothing else works though), so i guess i won’t be marking the thread as solved just yet, but the worst - by far, is taken care of.

Thank you for your help.

Please post the .blend file. There’s an obscure codec in your animation file (SCLS) which both MPC and VLC refuse to find/install. Bit of a pain, I know, but…

The original file is pretty big, so i had to strip it down to the essential (the armature). Hope that’s alright. The problems are still there in all their glory, though (except for the IKs, those are fixed now). Namely, any editing with the x-mirror on will screw up the selected bones.

EDIT: While setting up some copy rotation modifiers for some new bones (created on one side, then duplicated and mirrored), i found the left bone’s x-axis seems to correspond to the right one’s z-axis (maybe not perfectly, not sure, but certainly a better match). I’m not experienced enough to make sense of it, but i thought it might be relevant.

EDIT COMBO: Solved it. The armature’s local axis was off. That’s what was causing all the trouble. I don’t know how that happened, but since all the objects were already aligned with the world, all i had to do in the end was ctrl+a -> rotation.

Thanks for your patience, and merry Christmas.


garmature.blend (535 KB)


Glad you got it solved, Kblargh. And you have a wonderful holiday, too.

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me or if you cant maybe you could redirct me to an animation forum if need be
as i am still abit new to 3d stuff.

Basically im at a bit of a loss as too how to store animations with a model and what kind of animation i should be using.
I’m Building a simple car, with an armature running through it which has copy rotationed bones for the front wheels and i am
now looking to try and make a bonnet or hud for the engine that opens and closes.

MUST I use armatures? I could animate without just fine but I dont know which is the best method for having multiple and seperate
animations. I know actions is the way with armatures but is there a way to do this without armatures so the models animations can still
be used in game?

sorry for the headache guys and any help would be grand.