Armature action not doing anything in the game engine

Hi everyone,
There is this problem I’ve been trying to solve by myself for a couple of days… I read forums, watched tutorials and tried hypnosis on my computer but nothing has really helped :mad:
As said in the title, I’ve got my Dino mesh and rig and can’t do smurf with them. I changed the parent type to armature in the mesh object panel, deleted the armature modifier as well, applied the mirror modifier (by the way do I really need to?) set the game engine to play my “walk cycle” action by pressing “up arrow” yet I have no success. There must be something I am missing, and being noob at the game engine, I can’t think of something.
Hereby my blender file if you guys could have a quick look at it :frowning:
Cheers !!T-Rex.blend (1.49 MB)

Add an armature modifier to your model

That simple …
Thanks a lot sir !