armature & action

Hello, I’ve done protype of moving object.

Everything is ok in 2.37,
but in 2.34 and lower (I tried 2.34 , 2.33 and 2.25) armature dont want to play

here is file:
arrows to move (try left+up , left+down etc)

I see that is problem with pulsing…

please help me!

Do you have to have it playable in lower versions?

yes, i dont like physics in 2.35 - 2.37, moving isnt smooth, and scripts with changing frame rate dont help so many like it was in <2.34

Did you test it in 2.37a ?

I wroted that it must work in <2.34, is it hard to understand?

Hey hey, keep friendly. Btw why do you want to have it working in 2.37. Some people her create games with 2.37a and don’t have a lot of problems. :-?

ok, becouse it doesnt work on my computer in 2.34, i will use 2.37a version, in standalones game is smoother.

(I’ve downloaded 2.40 alpha and it doesnt work…)

hey, when i play on small window and there is 100fps, object move 2 times slowler when i play on fullscreen - 50fps. Always force was the same in <2.34, but I see that in 2.37a it depends of fps… why?