Armature + add object BUG? Or my fault?

Hi, Please do take a look.
I added a empty and parent to the left hand armature. i do it by, clicking on empty and selecting the left hand armature via pose mode. ctrl + P. allows me to parent to bone.
In object mode, i can see that the empty is following the actions that i have already animated.
But when i press P, the empty that add object is not at the right place. its always at the location of the pose before i press P. That means if my robot is in idle mode, the empty is beside the hips, if my robot is in shooting mode, the empty is infront of the chest. but in P, it just stays at which pose before i press P.
PLEASE SAVE MI!!! i have to hand in my project by monday.

parent to bone probably don’t work in the game engine?!
Add a cube ( make it invisible), parent it to “Armature” and give the cube a Vertex Group with the same name as the bone you want to parent it.

OTO’s solution will work very well, but I seem to remember that Monster had fixed parent-to-bone for Blender 2.45. I’ll see if I can dig up the post where that was announced.

Edit: Hmm… I can’t seem to find the place where I read that. However, I did find several other people mentioning that Monster had made a patch and that it had been submitted.

Unfortunately parenting to bone don’t work in game engine…actually when parenting you are parenting every object to the aramture object.
OTO’s solution is the only way…and is proven that it works.

actually i tried the solution given by oto. but did not work out. maybe i’ll try. please do let mi know if other tricks will work too.

I think the easier way is to set the empty in the position where the hand is, when the character is aiming. If you can get the empty to follow the hand, just set it where finally is going to be.

parent to bone probably don’t work in the game engine?!

i’m not sure , but as far as i can rember it does in zaghaghi’s build .

i cannot set the empty to where it will be shooting because i have various animation like jump + shoot. the location will change… i’m so stuck

I try using object then add object via that cube. same problem. how? what am i going to do now =(

Ok, in my demo the all characters strikes are made this way. Empty wich is infront of the center of the character. Every time you push the hit button…enables a timer property wich waits until the character hitting animation reaches its collision possition and then fires trought that empty a small cube wich is invisible. This cube has high linear velosity and short live-time about 3-4 BU and has collision property…the player cube is looking for objs with property enemy and the enemy cube is looking for property player.
The empty wich fires this cubes is attached directly to the object not to the armature.
So when you jump…make the object to jump not the aramture and this way empty is jumping too. Or another solution make these cubes very big so when they are fired to cover big area of space and then you will be sure that you will not miss the enemies.

That is the way, it is a little tricky and you will have alot of problems with timer properties for every type of strike moves, some strikes are fast other a slow…and so on

sorry haidme i did try this but, i have actions for jumping so the empty is not at the right position. i had already tested this.

PLease help somebody.

Just check AND recheck the name of the Vertex Group of the cube, it must be exactly the same of one of the bones, ex: hand.R, then select all the vertices of the cube and press the Assign button.
Then you can parent an Empty to the cube.

i correctly follow wht you say oto, if i use the method that u mention, the empty does not even move together with the box in object mode. and in game mode is also the same.

Well, forget the empty!
Use the box, instead, just make sure that the axis is in the “good” direction
before parenting!

3DGURU is correct! Apparently the parent-to-bone patch did not make it into the 2.45 release, but it has been applied in zaghaghi’s build (2.45.7 which features 2D GLSL filters and speed improvements).

Here it is:
Windows 32-bit build
Linux i386 build

Use parent-to-bone exactly as you were trying to originally and it will work.

I’ve tried the Linux build and couldn’t got the parent to bone to work?!

I just did try with my DonKishot project file, which use bone-parenting for the character, and yes, I confirm it works with the zaghaghi’s build… as well as with the SVN version from one month ago (2.45.12) I built home …
It was a major problem for me, it seems to have been correctly adressed :slight_smile:

nice. love it thanks blendenzo