Armature and balls

I’m wundering if it’s possibule to lock the armature in the figure to the white balls in a film?


I have seen in a dokumentary of an animationsfilm from Pixars that thay have put white balls on black pants and skirt in a black room filld with purpul light. (only the white balls is then vissebule.) The armature in the animationsprgram used trackthe white balls then to the armarue so when the actor moved the armature did the same movment too. (live like here is not nessesery but wold like to have the funktionalety anyway)

It sounds like you’re watching Monster House (?) and you want to know if you can do motion capture with Blender.

You may need to do some searching for “motion capture”.

Thanks will loock fore that. And no it’s not Monsterhouse (if it’s a film you did mean) It’s was on a making of star trek or likings. (A real film with some part animated)