Armature and blendshape

That’s impossible. If the bones follow along, then the mesh will shrink even further.

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Ok, I understand what you say.

In programs like DAZ, when (for example) I shrink a model of adult to child with a blendshape / morph / shape key the animations work correctly because DAZ automatically adjust the bones following the weight mapped vertices in the mesh, so when I morph the character the bones follow. It’s something I discovered yesterday.

It seems that it is something that can not be done in blender or in Unity. My hope was create a model with these characteristics, so that the bones would follow the mesh when modified with a shape key and be able to export that model to Unity. But it seems impossible. :confused::expressionless::worried:

I see. I don’t know how those programs work that out. In Blender, adjusting your rig for scaling is absolutely possible, and it will allow you to be entirely flexible with differing scales - I think it’s the right way to do it. Don’t hesitate to try and hit us up with problems to troubleshoot (in the rigging section would be best).


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