Armature and Bone difference?

I am using Armory3D and someone in their Discord channel viewed my .blend file and said, “you animated the armature and not the bone!”

It was a default cube with a bone parent. I could move the bone and the cube followed. I clicked what looked like the bone and pressed ‘i’ to insert keyframes.

He showed me I could play an animation in Armory3D but I was doing something wrong.

What did I do wrong?

May be you moved the bone in object mode instead of pose mode.

Armatures are like containers for bones.
In object mode one bone or many will move as a whole, in fact your moving the armature as an object. Avoid that.

You can see this with an armature with more bones, pose mode will allow to moves bones independently.

Even a lonely poor bone will be “inside” and armature object.
You can rename armatures if it gets confusing.

How about providing the .blend file or at least screenshot? It’s all guesswork otherwise.

Are you sure? It’s probably parented to the armature, not the bone.

Ok. At least I’ll share a screenshot of the collection window. I did in fact animate in Object Mode. Pose Mode in the animation layout made my Armory project play when I hit space. I’m still unsure if I’ve parented the cube to the armature… or the bone. Bit confusing. Thanks.

(edit) How would I parent to the bone?

Here is my .blend file. Simple cube and armature added through the add menu. I select the cube, then the armature (in object mode), ctrl p, parent to bone, done.

Where does the bone come in? As the cube follows the bone.
bone_to_armature.blend (836.8 KB)

thanks Voppag

These may be helpful:

I just read this (whole page), took about 20 minutes,

This is what your referring to, I think, on that page:

And I believe this is what you want: