Armature and Character problem

Hey, Ive run into a spot of bother which i cant seem to fathom out, let me explain. I have made a character using the Micheal Rogers Joan of Arc tutorial and i decided that i would like to give her an armature to animate her and this i have done, its a very basic armature just legs, hands, spine, and neck and my 1st problem is that Joan is not all one object but severla different one each with its own material how do i get them to behave as one with the armature as when i Ctrl+J to join them some change colour and the eyes lose the Iris, the seond problem is that some bits of her armour (on the glove is where i noticed it) dont move at all and just stay there and get streched when i go into pose mode and the 3rd problem is that they all seem to connect to a central point at the bottom of her spine (there is a dashed line) and it moves things that i dont want moved when i move something this si the .blend file fro some reason i could upload using the built in uploader

Thanks in Advance


is this post subject Game Engine related?

errrrrrrmmmmm yes :S