Armature and clothes

Hello, I just singed up. I have been trying to self teach myself Blender for some time, it was mostly trial and error and lots of online tutorials (id like to thank all the people who made tutorials for this program).
I’ve recently been following ward7299 youtube tutorials and I made my first character and I’ve made some clothes as a separate mesh - big mistake!

I cannot weight paint them to not go through her especially in more complicated poses
(she has a shirt, pants and a coat).
Im puzzled to what would be the best fix to this since the hair took too long to make so i cant make any changes to the mesh like joining them, also it would be cool to have costumes so i dont want to delete the parts under the clothing (especially the hands).
Cloth simulation is heavy on my computer and messy because of the complexity of the clothes - i have a belt on the coat and its suppose to make the upper part less affected by wind and more by gravity ( to make it look more real) but it just dettaches from the coat if i make it a cloth too (they are the same mesh)

sorry for the wall of text but i am pleased how unexpected my first character looks so i want to finish her.
does anyone have any suggestions about this?

Hi Handagote,

Take a look at this

This will work in part if the clothes do not cover the body fully and reveal a part of it.

All simulations work best with triangulated faces than with quads. So you can have the simulation on a proxy mesh similar to
the actual mesh. have a look on the sintel lite file for studying this. For the belt try vertex pinning.

That is interesting. I have not found this to be the case about triangles. But I am interested in what kind of set up you are talking about so I can do some experiments with that. Can you explain?

Thank you so much for your reply it really solved everything!
Also i have been doing stuff with vertex pinning from the start but since the belt is moveable i added an armature for the belt and cloth to the part below, however since its buggy on my machine and too slow i have decide to use armature for the entire thing.

I cannot than you enough, seems i got lots to learn.
Also i dont have enough faceloops to make shape keys is there any workaround that or am I gonna have to leave this one be?

@Richard: The sintel lite rig (available on BlendSwap) is a good example to start with. take a look at it. It has a separate mesh with triangulated faces on a separate for the hair collision simulations. The triangulated mesh is set as the collision object for the hair. The triangulated mesh is not in the visible layers and hence is not rendered. But it is parented to the same bones that moves the head and the neck. There are two bones sharing the same space DEF-neck-03 and coat_neck.03 in the case of sintel lite. DEF-neck.03 moves the head in the mesh. So the collision object also moves exactly the same. The hair is a separate mesh particle emitter set to emit hair. Hope that helps.

@ Handagote : Well shape keys are handy for creating varying facials expressions and other subtle deformations to a mesh which visually adds to the form of the rigged mesh. You can try lattice modifiers for the deformations. Use shape keys on the lattice and it should work in a similar fashion as shape keys on the mesh.

OK interesting about the triangles. I’ll definitely check it out. I have had good luck with a sub surf modifier on a collision object and thinking on it now I wonder if that is because of the trianglation (which we can not see in Blender) that the SDS modifier does to the mesh.

Example of CC SDS Level 1:

However for the Cloth Object I always use quads. I’ll have a look at that file.

I have sintel lite, and would also like checking it out but everytime i try and open it blender stops responding, I have blender 2.57