armature and IK problem.

(hannibar) #1

I followed Lyubomyrs foot tutorial. I took these steps :

  1. I made a chain of 3 bones, the upperleg, the lowerleg, and a nullbone.
  2. I placed the cursor at the heel, pushed spacebar, and added a new bone: the foot.
  3. Then I went in pose mode, and went to the constraint buttons. I selected the foot bone, and added a constraint
  4. I filled in the name of the armature object, and the I added the name of the null bone.

At that point the tutorial sais that the IK should work, but it doesn’t.
Did I skip a step? Is the bone setup bad? What did I do wrong?



(lger) #2

In step 3 you must select the null bone, not the foot bone.

(Lyubomir) #3

Quote from my tutorial:

“Now add the foot bone as an IK solver constraint to the null bone.”

You’ll see a similar sentence at least once more in the tutorial.
I thought it was clear enough, but OK, I’ll say it other words:

“Add an IK solver to the null bone. This IK solver will be the foot bone.”

Lyubomir Kovachev