Armature and Objects!

I’ve made a char for a game but it hasen’t got a face and an armature.
I cant model a face so well and place an armature good too. so if some one could tell me how to model a low poly good looking face and to place an armature I would be very pleased.

Thanks in advance


Is it really that hard to search for “head modeling,” “character rigging,” or “armature”?

I found this and this (which has the .blends available here). And remember that the Documentation is your friend (see Rigging, Skinning, and Posing).

%| Hehe, it’s hard to start out, but once you’ve learned the basics Blender is a real great tool.

Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Go through the whole Blender manual (300 something odd pages).
  2. Then go through the Blender gamekit or the gameblender documentation.
  3. Learn Python and how it’ll work in Blender game engine.
    Well and of course the occasional tutorials you find.

Actually I guess most people don’t go through the whole thing, but if you know all 3 on the list, you won’t have too much trouble with game making basics in Blender.

Jason Lin

Thx both of you.
I am reading the blender gamekit.
and I know python a bit i already made a game using pure python.

Theres a Python script you might want to know about. Its called human make. I found it but it took me a while, i havent used it yet but it sounds awsome.