armature and parenting

Well, I have an armature, made by means of parenting the vertex groups, which I can correctly pose. Since the armature belongs to a character made of several parts, I thought of parenting all the characters parts to an empty so that I can easily move it in object mode. But, as soon as I do this the armature loses its binding to the character. I have tried for nearly an hour but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions ?

Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but if all the pieces of your character are parented to the Armature, then just move the armature and the pieces will follow.

Oh yes, of course I can do this. I have a main bone that allows me to move the whole character, but this works only in Pose mode.

In Object mode if you move the armature the mesh that parented to it should also move. If not, you would have a heck of a time moving a character anywhere.