Armature animation export help


I’am working curently on skeletal animation system for isometric flash game. Idea is that as3 object will use set of data for each skelet element (as body, leg, etc.) writen in array for every kind of movment. There will be small number of frames for move so i want to write data for any isometric direction separatly as form of strategy for move object - i dont want to use as3 to calculate skeletal movment and 3d -> isometric calculations becouse i need to save cpu for furter tasks.
So i think, that i can try use Blender as a tool to create simple skeletal model (without skin, becouse this will be added in flash as simple elements as a rectangle). But i never use blender before :wink: - i create simple armature, animate it - but i dont know how to get to keyframes and all bones positions in 3d through whole animation and clever way to transform it to isometric cordinates (is there python function for that or i shall write tranfromtion my self). If any one could help - show me any example, give link to example, or just a litle light in the tunel I would be grateful. Or maybe there is beter way for get with this problem ???

Anyone? Anything?