Armature Animation Problems!

Ok…In my game, I have a main armature for the character. But when I am running an action for that armature, sometimes it does weird stuff. Like, for example, when I have an “action” actuator playing a slice animation starting at frame 0, and ending at frame 6 it ALWAYS starts at frame 3, and ends at frame 6. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? And sometimes the bones in the armature do weird things. For example, I have a sword slice animaton for numpad 1, a kick animation for numpad 2, and a spin-slice animation for numpad 1+2. But when I press numpad 2 it plays the kick anim, but the arm(which has no keyframes in the kick animation) moves up and down, and does weird stuff like that. AND, on the 5th frame, it plays the 24th frame of the spin-slice, which I do not want! Can anyone tell me why?! :x :x I’ll provide a blend if anyone needs it.

And can anyone give me armature action animation tips?

don’t mean to insult you but the problems you are having are probably just bad ipo editing/ creation. Does the animation play fine in the editing window? Look at the ipo curves, if they don’t look right try hitting T and changing the setting to linear.

Yes, the animation plays just like I want it to in the editing window. I think It might have to do with a bug in the game engine or something.

Post the file.

Are you using any motion blending? I’m not sure, but that could do something to it…


Nope, no motion blending! :slight_smile: I tried though, and it makes it look REALLY weird.
here’s the file: (It’s compressed)

Hellooo?! Anyone there? :frowning:

yup there is people here

(haven’t looked at your file though)

look in the docs (uhh, whichever ones have it) on the priority option on action actuators, I think you may have some animations still playing when you start another

(it could very definitely be a bug but I would start off doubting it)

Uh, Can anyone look at my game?

HELP!!! :x :frowning:

how do you run in the game? so far i see no skipping

no skipping? Weird…Hm. I’ll have to try it out myself again!