Armature animation problems

This is very annoying. I’ve been trying to get the armature to follow a path, but the mesh doesn’t seem to follow. The bones will move seperately from the mesh, until they reach the end of the path, at which point the mesh actually walks, but it doesn’t move. As you can see, the mesh is simply going off in all sorts of random directions. :no: While it’s very funny, it’s really not what it’s supposed to be doing. Does anybody know what the problem is/what I can do to fix it? (If you need a .blend just ask :yes: )

I believe the reason this happening is that the mesh is not parented to Armature.

So select the mesh… and while mouse in 3d window hit “P” key, and in the place where it says “Par:” type “Armature” (or name of the armature object.)

There is an Armature modifier on the mesh. I can move the mesh around perfectly in Pose mode, it’s just that when I try to get it to follow a path, it goes off in all random directions, and I have no idea why.

(Oh, and ‘P’ doesn’t work, that enters the game engine. :wink: CTL+P is for parenting.)

I wondered about that P too, but Calvin knows more about it than I.

Delete the Armature Modifier and in Object mode Ctrl-A on both the Armature and the Mesh. Make sure the Mesh is not Parented to the Path. Add the Modifier back and check in F7 that the Track axis for the Root Bone (first bone added in the Armature) is correct.


Well, that doesn’t work. =/ Here’sthe .blend file, I’m not quite sure what’s going on. :spin:

EDIT: Link fixed.

That link is 404.


Sorry, my fault. I mis-typed the adress. It’s fixed now.

Yep… I was right. The Mesh was not parented to Armature.


Ah cool, thank you so much! :slight_smile: How did you manage to do parent it correctly?

All Calvin had to do was :

  1. remove the curve/armature parenting relationship
  2. delete the armature modifier from the stack for the mesh
  3. select the mesh and Ctrl-A to apply scale and rotation (your mesh has Y as the “up” axis - or in other words is rotated 90 degrees to the Z axis - while the armature does not have such a rotation)
  4. select the mesh then shift select the armature and Ctrl-P to parent and select “Don’t Create Groups” since you already have vertex groups
  5. reparent the curve to the armature (select armature then shift select the curve then Ctrl-P -> Follow Path)

If you do not remove the curve parent from the armature before you do the rest of the “fixing” your mesh will not parent properly to your armature for some reason … Most likely this is because curve/armature/mesh parenting hierarchy has to be ordered in a certain way … because if you “make real” the parented “virtual” armature modifier in the mesh’s modifier stack and then clear the mesh/armature parenting relationship you will get the same weirdness as before except this time your mesh will stand and walk in place mostly while the armature will continue to follow the path … and if at this point you decide to reparent the armature to the mesh (without clearing the curve parent from the armature) your armature will get distorted as before (except this time in a different place as you have properly aligned the mesh to the armature) …

So it is important to set up the parenting hierarchy of the various animation elements (curve/armature/mesh) properly to get the wanted results . And in most situations (that I can think of) the mesh should the last “child” element - which in practical terms means that it should be the first to be parented if there is to be a parenting hierarchy of different elements because it ultimately inherits all the transformations passed down the hierarchy chain …