Armature Animation

I’ve looked at a totourial about animating with armatures making a gingerbread man. My material looks great, but I can’t get the armatures to work. I press IKEY at the first frame and LOCALROOT in the submenu, then I make a pose at frame 11 and then insert a new frame. Next, I press ALT-A to watch! NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I doing wrong?

Localroot… ???

You probably mean LocRot (for LOC.ation and ROT.ation of the bone)

Anyway, you need to do the I-Key / locrot thing on frame 1 before the model does anything. Think of that as the standing position. Then you need to use the arrow keys to move forward in frames first, then set the next pose (first step) in Pose Mode (blue). When you have set the pose you can do the second I-Key. Move forward and repeat everything for the second step with the other leg and arm and then the 3rd I-key.


so you do each “ligiment” individually??? I moved all of them to the pose and the pressed IKEY. that makes sense to me now…
and this: how do I reset the modle’s position without pressing the reset buttton?

Not sure what you mean by “ligiment”. If it means “bone” then yes and no. If you have IK-Chains then you only need to I-Key the end bones; if you only have bone chains then you need to I-Key them all (press A in Pose Mode to select all bones).

To reset the pose select all bones in Pose Mode and hit “Alt-R”.


Thanks, that was easy.