Armature bone got twisted, deforms mesh when parenting

I’m using the Horse meta rig from the rigify add-on, and moved it around as needed to fit my model. When I parented it to the mesh using automatic weights, it deformed the mesh in unusual ways, and I noticed that one of the spine bones had been rotated - this is one in a chain, naturally - I tried pressing alt-r to clear the rotation, but it didn’t do anything. Manually rotating it doesn’t actually rotate the bone either, it just moves the entire bone in a small ellipse. What can I do to get this fixed?

Quick first thing to try is to reset all bones (alt r alt s alt g in pose) and apply the pose as a resting pose (ctrl a in pose).


Got it! Gave that a try and made it resting pose and it worked out great. Thank you so much!

I had the same issue and the solution proposed solved it! Thanks a lot!