Armature Bone Order Matters? (A = No)

Hi all. I’m playing around with armatures now…

This is my armature (so far):

Everything is connected identically on both sides, but when I grab the Sacrum bone and yank backwards, this is what I get:

As you can see, the left Wrist behaves properly, but the right does not seem to have power over the right Humerus bone…

The only difference I can tell is that I apparently added the bones in a different order on each side. I can pull up the object window and select them (2.36) but I cannot rearrange their order among equals.

Is this my problem? If so, how do I rearrange them without deleting a ton of bones? The reason I entered them manually to begin with is I haven’t been able to get the rig flip to work.

Thanks for your help!

Er, I forgot to include some info that might make a difference.

Pectoralis, Teres, and Shoulder are all stretch-constrained to Humerus.
Ulna is IK constrained to Elbow.
Hand is IK constrained to Wrist.
The clavicles are currently only targets for the neck muscles.

Check if the IK chain is not broken on your right arm.
proper child parent relations
IK gadget active
solver contraint for right hand (i guess)

But I checked that three times already %|

It was the Ulna.R which “somehow” got its IK toggled off. :expressionless:

Thank you kindly

You’re welcome to ask :slight_smile:

BTW … don’t stick too close to ‘real world’ bones and muscles … CG animation is still like ‘theatre’ … the art of faking! :slight_smile: