Armature Bone Segment Problem :(

I have been trying to resolve this for hours now I have tried everything , I have centered the whole armature cleared boneroll angles , the names are correctly symmetrical ( if any use for this issue) etc…

I just cannot understand why the B-Bone went twisted weirdly after segmentation. . . everything should be correct and the segmentation on other bones seems to work properly, it ´s just the one part that goes twisted :confused:

I have found no help googling, and I would hate to build the whole armature from ground up all over again :confused: . …

Please Help:spin:

I’ve had this a few times. What you need to pay attention to is the direction your z axis is facing. If you look at the neck bone you will notice that it’s z if facing the opposite direction as the spine. You really want all the bones in a chain to Have the exact same orientation if your gonna use segments.

The Thing I was noticing is that the x axis points right on the jack up bone and then it points left on the next bone up. So the z orientation is 180 degrees off.

Hope that makes sence. :o

Thank you for your dedication to my problem and a fast reply :slight_smile:

I can clearly see the problem now. . .
Copy/Mirroring the bones on the left side to the right side has also mirrored the axis on the bones
I´ve now ctrl-R´d the axis to be correct on the left side, matching to
the axis on the right, but no sugar. The twist remains. .

Maybe I´ll just build the whole armature from the start, usin x-axis mirror modifier or something…
Is there no way that the Copy/Paste/Mirroring keeps the axis untouched. .
. Would save a hell of a lotsa work, as I´m used to work that way in
other applications

Here is a mark up, Maybe this will help.


OK. Problem resolved. I have rolled the axis but that didn´t help. The problem was on the chestbone, I detached the 2 bones connected to it and BUM, no more twist :slight_smile:
also I extruded 2 new bones, just to try from the endjoint of the chest bones, and the twist reappeared with the new bones as well.

Youre prolly right about the axis thing but I tried and tried to roll them. . . I came to a conclusion it´s better to keep disconnected, but still attached the bones on the side .

*EDIT : I meant NOT attached but still connected :smiley:

Two thoughts… select all the arm bones and do a ctrl-n -> z-axis. This should set all the arm bones so their z-axis points upwards… other choices available.

As to copying & mirroring the armature… I build the left side first with the armature’s origin in the center of the mesh. Snap the cursor to the center, select all the bones for the left side and in edit mode, dupilcate them with shift-d, then enter to confirm. Set the pivot point to be the 3d cursor and scale the duplicated bones on the x-axis, s-key, x-key, to a negative 1, -1. You can also ‘flip names’ thru a menu option, meaning the new dupilcated & scaled bones can be renamed. So bones with a suffix like .L _L .l _l are adjusted to .R _R .r _r

Been a bit since I rigged a character, so I know there are a lot of the finer points I’ve not mentioned.

Thanks , Randy, that exactly what I did the first time, and still got the axis upside down. . . also the WKEY for renaming left-right I got only like foreArm.L_R001 so I had to rename them all together haha :smiley:

also could be one of the main problems I parented the armature onto the VG´s before I rolled the bone axis, could be , right?