Armature bones moving/rotating child objects incorrectly


I parented all of my model’s objects properly such as Left.Wrist -> Left.Arm -> Body, etc… and added constraints, so they rotate only in the correct directions. Now I’m adding bones so I can animate with and reuse Action Clips, but when I rotate the bones the rotations go crazy and pieces move out of place. I locked the rotations the same way, but I don’t see how to lock them to an origin point or something.

Rotating the left wrist- CORRECT

Rotating the left wrist bone - WRONG

When I added bones, I made sure to create them from the center vertex of the child object so i’m confused why when I move/rotate the bones, the objects swing far away all crazy. What should I look for? Does it sound like I blew away a constraint or do something out of order?

Thank you,

looks like i forgot to attach my blend file (sry - just had a baby and was very very sleep deprived). I still haven’t figured out how to solve this.

To recreate the issue:

  1. grab an arm bone
  2. rotate it

You’ll see that the parent arm swings far away instead of staying with the bone! The parent objects have constraints
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Hey, you have 'child of ’ constraints on your objects targeting the other objects - but you 'parented ’ them to bones. Remove the 'child of ’ constraints and re position your parts and you should be good.

ajcdfin, that worked!!!

thank you so much for taking the time to check out my file. i really appreciate it. I’ve got stuck on that issue for a long time. have a great day!