Armature (Bone's) not visible

For some reason my Armature is invisible. I’ve tried evrything to get it back without succes and its really frustrating because now i can’t work anymore. Can anyone explain me with colors and smells how to do that (and with screenshots if posible) Would apriciatte any help :slight_smile:

Could you attach a Blend file or screen shots of your own? There are many possible reasons, and do not excpect anyone to want to want to go through them all.

here you go. I cannot leave pose mode and X-ray is on.

It’s in a hidden layer. See all the little boxes where I added the arrow? The arrow points to a hidden layer. Hold Shift and press the indicated layer. The orange dot in the layer indicates that the current selection is in that layer. Any layer with an object in it has a dot.

OH THANKS ALLOT i can finelly continue working! Thanks man you saved me :slight_smile:

EDIT: Now it appairs when i try to use my ‘walk animation’ in game logic is use ad sensor < keyboad (Z button i use azerty) > ad controller < And > add actuater < Action (and my animation > and it seem like its not working… any tips?

You should start a new topic about that one in the appropriate forum. I can’t help since I have never touched the game engine.