Armature bones shrink mesh

I’ve been trying to rig a character, but I’ve been having odd problems with getting arms and legs to deform properly. When I assign a bone to deform a leg and then rotate it, the leg shrinks as it rotates:confused:
Before rotating:


Vertex group (just in case I’ve done something wrong there):

I’ve tried re-rigging but this keeps happening:(
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
Sorry about the massive pics:o

Instead of the massive pics, posting your blend file would be much more useful.

Here is a free upload site run by one of the members here.

Weird deformations are often the result of having more than one vertex group / (bone) controlling the same set of verts.

Select the mesh, go into weight paint mode (CTR-TAB), then press SH-LMB on different areas of the mesh and the vertex group(s) that are controlling the mesh will be shown in a popup. If more than one is influencing an area, you’ll want to remove one of them or adjust the weight painting.



Thanks, I’ve got it working now:D
I had actually assigned two bones to the leg as you said - there’s a hip bone as well. I didn’t know that would cause problems:o
Sorry about posting huge pics, I didn’t think the blend would be very helpful as I’d only rigged a few sections of it at that point.

Thanks for the info Mike, I just wasted the whole day trying to figure out why my mesh was shrinking too lol :eek: