Armature, bounds:box = *CRASH!*

When I give my armature bounds cone, cylender or box, I get about three frames and a window “error report”. This only happens when the camera is tracking the armature. If not, the armature just dissapears.

wHat AM I dOIng WrOng?!?

Upon further experementation I have formed the theory that the only bounds object that works on armatures is a sphere. Even the polyheader acts like a sphere. I REALY hope I am wrong.

okay, if blender is crashing due to different bounds [perhaps I am jumping ahead here] it could be because you are running old video card drivers or not running at 16 bit color on an intel card… or some other things

this is usually however a problem with selecting empties and such

I don’t see why polyheader should work on armatures, but you are suggesting that unlike meshes only sphere works?

I’d advise you to not make an armature an actor if possible [for one thing because a material cannot be asigned to an armature, which iirc reduces the amount you can config how it moves]

so you are sugjesting I make an invisable mesh for the bounds, and perent the armature to that?
Where do I post sugjestions for the next blender release? Why don’t they give you the polyheader of the child mesh? And if there is more than one child, give you a selection?

This is definitely a bug.

Armatures are going to have to use their child as a bounding object, and this is non trivial.