Armature Controlling Emitter, Particles Won't Follow

Okay, so i’ve got an armature controlling a mesh (the low-poly body for ludwig, in fact) and I’m using the mesh to emit particles. When I animate using the armature, the particles continue to be emitted from the starting position. I’ve cranked down the life on the particles to 2 frames, so I’m prettty sure it’s not just residual particles hanging around.

Any suggestions?

Have you got the ‘Animated’ toggle turned on in the particles panel for the mesh? If not, it might help…


Thanks, but animated seems to only show up if the particles are static. These aren’t. :slight_smile:

I’m seeing the same behavior. It might be a bug. Or maybe its a feature that has yet to be implemented. Strange that it works for static particles but not for dynamic.

That effect will work with the “new” particle engine in this build


I believe you need to press the RecalcAll button.

Well that kinda works … except you have to press RecalcAll after every frame, not very practical :eek:


Perhaps you can create a separate emitter object and Parent it to the vertex/vertices that are controlled by the armature?

I agree.

I just did a test and I’m having the same problem. Interesting…