Armature custom property driving a bone constraint


I am rigging a character and I have attached some custom properties to the control armature (which contains IK and FK chains and the snapped chain on which is constrained the deform armature). So my custom property is driving the influence of the constraint Copy Transforms of one bone of the leg for the snapped chain, so that with value 0 it’s snapped on IK chain, and with value 1 it is snapped on FK chain. My problem is that it was working on 2.79 and not anymore on 2.80.
For testing purposes, I added a separate object (cube) and add a custom property to it and I could use this property to drive my bones… On 2.80, it doesn’t find the property if it is attached to the armature. I had also tried with a bone from this armature dedicated to contain all the custom properties, but it was the same result. Could it be due to dependency cycle ? When I am trying to paste the data path of the property in the driver setup, the text field is becoming red.
And for the arms it almost works, as I have no problem with the driver except that it doesn’t refresh in realtime. I have to select another bone in order to see the snapped armature in the correct pose…

Does your console show any error?
You’re putting the fear of 2.8 in me, LOL!

Well… I just found that I was using an old file which had a lot of problems… With the newest one it’s almost good. But still one leg is not working properly so I am going for one more check. I don’t know why I had those errors before, the rig is the same so… And with the new file I can register custom properties on a bone…

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