Armature Damping

Is it possible to set up damping on bones so they resist movement in various proportions?

Also, can you set up constraints so a bone can only rotate a certain angle, like 15 degrees each way?

One more thing…when I have a long chain of bones with an IK solver at the end, but when I move it, it snaps quickly at various points. Is there an easy way to prevent this? The only way I could think of is to put IK bones at various places along the chain and move each one independantly.

Thanks for the help.

PS Is there any tutorials on character modelling that go through the whole process of rigging and animating a character (more complex than Gus :wink: ?

thanks agian


there is no way to limit the motion of bones directly

what you would do is limit the motion of bones by having them constrained to do something, for example the locked track constraint only rotates around one axis