Armature deform to Bones on a Curve


I’m a complete beginner in Blender.

I used follow path and the duplication tab to duplicate bones on a curve. I want to skin a road mesh to those bones so I can edit the curve and it will deform the road. My problem is if I do armature deform it only deforms to the first bone. If I make the duplicates real the bones don’t follow the curve anymore, and if I do ctrl-J to join the bones they get all superimposed to the same position.

I don’t want to use curve deform because if I move curve points the road mesh will keep the same lenght and slide on it.

So how do I make all the bones objects real and keep the follow path ? Or how to I deform my road mesh to bones on a curve ? Is there a better solution ?


Apparently the solution is to use the Spline IK. I had to make a bone, subdivide it many times, select the last one in pose mode and add a bone constraint called Spline IK.

I guess it’s solved, my problem now is the mesh has so many points (3d scan) that it crashes if I envelope it to just 1 bone (not even a Spline IK)…

edit : I think Laplacian deform is another good solution but it crashes too. I guess I’ll have to deform with a Lattice.