armature deformations don't change object axis

the title says it all. i need armature deformations to affect the objects axis, but they dont, only ipos do. does anyone have a work around or somthing?

heres a blende example of what i mean (110 kb)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

set a matrix 3x3 for the armature and use .setOrentation

if i can find a sample i will post it for u !


thanks ,that sounds like it’ll work :slight_smile:
how do you get the matrix from the armature(from only one bone)?

would it be somthing like



if you can find a sample it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks again

sorry about bumping this up, but i really need a solution

well, think about it, it isn’t going to happen

first, you can’t parent to bones [that doesnt’ work in the game engine]

armatures don’t change object axis [though I see what you’re saying now]

you’ll need to play an ipo on those objects [make them children of your armature object, IE not deformed by it], and animate it to be in synch [this either gets you stuck doing python for all animation [iirc you can get bone locations/rotations in python in the game engine, but I forget how], or you have to make a bunch of ipos for each action and try not to blend in to any animations]

[because I doubt they will act right as part of that mesh]

thanks for the reply z3r0 d,

it’s going to be a pain, but if i have to i guess i’ll go with ipos, oh well

time to go have some fun %|