Armature distortions

hey peeps doing some simple animation and am rigging my model at the moment but for some reason my model is not moving with the armaters correctly any ideas im pretty sure i created the vertex groups correctly i had the whole arm for the upperarm bone and just the lower arm for the lowerarm bone is this correct or am i being blond??


Sure looks like your left arm mesh isn’t assigned to the correct vertex group. With the mesh selected in Edit mode, when you select the left lower arm vertex group (from the rollout menu) and click the Select button, do the correct verts light up?

Hey, Im a blonde! shame shame shame…

CD38: Im in armature edit mode and have no bones selected. I dont see any roll out menu to select a bone from. Can you please explain that further? thanks much, iti

iti: Vertex groups are defined on the mesh. Make sure the mesh is selected and in edit mode.

Old wiki description of vertex groups

CD38: I didnt realize you could see the groups in edit mode. I think… I just let blender make the groups for me and then fix them in weight painting…

I selected my mesh, then in edit mode, I click one of the vertice groups names, and nothing happened… no verts were highlighted?

Im not having a very good day. But in pose mode, my verts pose nicely and are in the right group?

I’ll take a guess, cause I’ve seen this happen before- Doe’s your mesh have a Armature modifier? Cause having it twice has been known to screw it up.

i Think i got it in need of some tweaks and key drivers which im going to go learn but seems to work better i just removed the armature removed the parent from the object re rigged the bones created groups from closest vertexes and used weight paint to tweek them into the correct groups :smiley: