Armature doesn't translate with armature

I’ve been doing blender for four days so don’t make fun of me if the answer is really obvious, but I’m trying to make a basic animation in which a wine glass hops around the screen.

Anyway, the glass hops fine, but it hops right out of the armature. I thought this would be fine, but then I wanted to make the object “follow through” ( principle 5). When I try to pose the armature, the glass bends around the armature instead of with it ( I tried keyframing the armature to move as well. If you change the X value of the armature by the same amount you changed the glass’s X value, guess what? The glass moves by the same amount! (The glass moves by twice the amount it should to maintain it’s distance from the glass at that point in the timeline. Please help!

Either parent the armature to the glass or the glass to the armature,i haven’t done animation in ages so i forgot which one is supposed to be parented to which.

I already did that

So where is your blend file so we can see what you have ?

This is the .blend file:

You have keyframed the movement of the glass instead of just the movement of the armature


glassanimation4.blend (1.16 MB)

Ok, thanks, I think that solves it!