Armature Dupliverts?

Can an armature be dupliverted to a particle emmiter? I wanted an effect of a conveyor belt of animated objects, like a Bomb-Omb factory…

I wanted to do this without making many copies of models. If it can’t be done by dupliverts, how do you do it? I tried dupliframes and dupliverting the entire model, but the parenting is lost. The Armature of the copies were still moving though.

Welcome to elysiun!
It work over here. That is what i do:
-I create my emiter.
-Anime the armature as it should, leave the current action open, dunno if it help.(mean no NLA)
-parent the Armature to the emiter(considering the mesh is already the child of the armature)
-in the edit panel of the emitter, put duplivert on. the copied armature on all the particle will move at the same time as the original and will deform the mesh who is also duplicated becasue it’s the child of armature who is dupliverted.
hope this is ok.

That worked perfectly, thank you. Sorry the thanks took a while, I’ve been putting animation on hold for a while.