Armature dysfunction when exporting to Unity

Enclosed in the attached Blender file is a mesh/armature setup I’m using for a project. The problem is centered on the two doors in the mesh, Ovi1 and Ovi2, and their associated armatures, Kahva1, Kahva2, Sarana1, and Sarana2. Kahva1 and Kahva2 are bound to the handles of each door by using vertex groups and control their turning, ans Sarana1 and Sarana2 are attached to the doors themselves with the same method to simulate door hinges. In Blender, the armatures function as intended; the doors turn on the hinge armatures, handles and all, and the handles turn independently when the handle armatures are manipulated. When exporting the meshes and armatures involved to Unity, however, the handle armatures don’t turn the handles (or anything at all), while the hinge armatures function normally. What could be causing this issue? pelastuskonttihighpoly.blend (6.02 MB)

Hi, did you solve the problem? I just checked your file, and I saw a couple of potential issues, those might not be the problem, but it’s something I’d target when looking for the problems you’re describing.

First, you have two different armatures, each one with one bone. I’d create just one armature with two bones.
Second. Both of your doors have two armature modifiers, I don’t understand why you made it that way, I usually need only one armature modifier.

Other things I’d checked: you have the doors as children of the room, I’d try and leave them parentless and see what happens, I’d even export all the room, doors and everything, as part of a single mesh, with only one armature, and with only one modifier.

Hope that helps.