Armature Error

I have this problem on my armature while I was testing a new rig. Everything was in order until I applied the bone heat to it. It gave me a error message saying that it was having problems with one or more bones. The rig alone is not complex and I looked over it time and time again. I just don’t know where the fudge I went wrong! So I decided to toss the problem to someone else to see if they can fix it. Keep in mind that this file was made in Blender 2.49 Beta.

The problem seems to be the in the eye and mouth zones that are composed of several mesh joined into 1 object with the body.

I’m only on a beginner level, so here’s an attempt of working around this, an expert could come with something better of course :
In edit mode select all, then press P -> All Loose Part so it sepearate the object into all the meshes it is composed with.
Then back in Object mode, select the body only, then the armature and Object->Parent->Make Parent->Armature-Create from Bone Heat.
There is no error message, confirming that bone heat have problems with objects made from several meshes.

Always in Object Mode, click Select -> Select All By Type -> Mesh.
Then Object -> Join Object and confirm.

Now you have the body rigged with bone heat to your armature but the part that were giving it problem not rigged to it, select the armature and go into Pose Mode.
Tick “Auto-IK”.

Select then the body with only 1 right click on it so you get back automatically in Object Mode.
Without clicking anything else on the 3D view, select Weight Paint.

Select the upper part of your armature :
You see many dark blue parts on this, meaning those are parts the bone heat for the selected bone has not “captured”, we’ll need to paint them manually.

To help, press G and move the selected bone back
The dark blue parts have indeed not moved with the rest.

Paint the parts that have not moved, then paint the part of the faces that should be correctly be rigged to that selected bone so they are red instead of some shade of blue or green/yellow, to avoid some bad deformation when you’ll pose the model and move the head :

That should be it, go in Object Mode, select the armature, go into Pose mode, select All and press ALT+R and ALT+G to clear the rotation and translation we did in Weight Paint mode

… In the words of a popular phrase from a popular sitcom of the 1990’s, " Cole, you stupid!" Oh freaking crap. Why didn’t I see this before? Thanks for point that out to me. So trim off all of the extra stuff, all I basically did was delete the eyes, mouth, and other meshes that was in the way and it worked like a charm. As a novice, you have much potential and I’ve been working on this program for almost 2 years! I’m just going to put on my dunce cap and slink away now. Bye!

I finally caught on to the picture! Nice!

Great to know it was usefull to you.

It’s been only a year i am using Blender, and despite i begin to understand a few of its specifics after lots of tutorial reading and viewing, there’s so much left to learn to get over my beginner status.

But in the same time it is always very fun to the average-aged man i am to learn new things ;).