Armature faces object when in certain radius

Hello there,

I want my protag to face the monster when he gets close. I am looking for the protag to be walking along, then when he is close to monster he faces it so that the action of attack is always facing the monster.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any help.


a near sensor connected to a track to sensor.

how do you connect a sensor to another sensor? do you not connect to an acctuator?

Found it! Thx.

I was able to track the object to the amature but not the amature to the object.

Can armature’s, like the Dynamic Actor, track to other non dynamic objects?

If you can track your amature to an object, can you reverse/ invert the track to always walk away from an object or the camera? like if your action has no rotation key for the pelvis only location, then you could have it always walk away from the camera by inverting the track to? is that possible.

Im looking for a way to also be able to move the camera around and have the armature move away from the camera when you push up no matter what way the camera faces.

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.

What about this:

Do a 180 degree rotation of the armature after tracking the target object. (18x10 degrees or so).

I am not able to have the armature track an object only the object track the armature. …

but i like your idea!

Have an object tracking your target. Then parent your armature to that object. The armature will rotate with the parent.

Having your armature parented to an empty that is tracking to another object seems to put a huge amout of strain on blender. I dont exactly have a slow machine. All my walking actions were basically cancelled, although i could see it trying to push through some of the fames…

I dont think this is an option for an armature with 4+ actions attached to it.

Have you done this before? Did it work for you with a similar setup?

I tried putting constraints onto the mesh in the F7 section (object buttons). This did not go over too well. I tried to have the armature copy rotation to an empty but then in game i was not able to rotate that same empty.

I dont think this is correct, but i could easily have just not clicked on some prop button or something…

I will try to eliminate half of the actions i have placed on the mesh. see if things become manageable. i guess i dont need an action for every walking direction if i manage to figure out how to make the armature track to objects. Then one walking direction and a track to (+rotate 180) will give a always walk away from camera, and the desired results.

I found a thread that explains where i may be going wrong.

I attached the actions directly to the armature itself.

I dont know about y’all but when I read the gamekit, (of couse I bought it!) I didnt see the part about the actions for your armature being triggered by an empty, but I have been reading these forums for a little while and I am sure i can take JD-multi’s word, Your amazing JD!

sorry to ask questions that have been previously answered but this one was hard to find.