Armature for a snake

I’m relatively new to blender and I’ve been trying to design a snake. I’ve set up a basic mesh of rectangles just to run some tests, and then I created the armature. When working with the model, I’ve lined up every single bone with the vertex edges of my model (which is simply a series of extruded rectangles for the time being). So the ends of the bones are right where each rectangle meets the next. When I go to Parent the mesh with the armature, no matter which method of parenting I use, (whether it be the armature modifier, the "With auto weights,’ ‘Object,’ ‘Bone,’ etc.) it fails to actually do what every single example I’ve seen on the internet shows! Its very annoying. I try to pose it, and the mesh and the bones aren’t exactly linked how they are supposed to be. I pose the bone one way, and the mesh moves away from the bones it is supposed to be parented to. I am lost and I need someone to steer me to the light. Maybe its something in the settings or some item I haven’t checked. I don’t know. I want to become proficient with Blender, and I’ve got to overcome these obstacles to get there. Right now, I have more questions than answers and I definitely could use some guidance, as i don’t know anyone personally who uses this program.

See the left side of the model. Notice how the mesh is bending, but the armature isn’t lined up inside the mesh anymore.

try having at least one loopcut per bone joint.(you should really have 3 loop cuts per joint)

do you have multiple armature modifiers? don’t

@holy… The object above is divided into 10 rectangles from left to right, however they aren’t showing in wireframe mode. I even added additional loopcuts so there would be 3 per joint, but Blender still giving me a blank stare.

@daren… No, I thought that might be a problem that there were some modifiers I had that I couldn’t see, so I started a new blender file and have tried different things and Control-Z to get rid of what I tried if it didn’t work.

before you applied automatic weights did you select your armature and press Alt+A, and apply rotation, size and scale? Do the same to your mesh. then do the automatic wights.

make sure “bone envelopes” is deselected in the armature modifier

Thanks Holy and Daren for the guidance. I’m going to try both of those. I really appreciate it.

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