Armature future and BVH for MakeHuman

(Manuel) #1

Now we are thinking about the use
of armature in MakeHuman model.
The topic is the use of automatic morphing
when the armature is moved, to simulate
muscle and other…

In your opinion, the python regarding the
armature will be changed in the next future?

Have you notice of El Sayed Abdallah Ayoub,
the developer of the usefull RVK2POS script?

(Timonides) #2

Well, I sure think the new Python API should have some armature support…

It would solve a lot of problems…

Who’s El Sayed Abdallah Ayoub and what’s that RVK2POS script???

I haven’t heard of it yet… I’d surely appreciate some more info on this…


(sayoub) #3

Hi, I’m El-Sayed Abdallah Ayoub.

First a correction , the plugin I wrote before was BVH2POS not RVK2POS. It takes a BVH file and converts it to Armature Actions , and you can control how many frames to drop between inserting keys for the armature poses (so that that action curve is not too crowded)

Whether or not the armature python will change, I think yes, as the current API doesn’t provide enough access to armature / bones / mesh-vertex-groups modifiable by each bone etc…

I just started to look at the source code and trying to figure out some new ideas for the API (will post more news about that as soon as I make things clean and solid enough) …

Anyway, I will be glad to know that you will add BVH support to Makehuman and I will be glad if I can provide any help…

(sayoub) #4

And for you Skontar the link to the script is here

( copy and paste in a new window, don’t just click)

(Manuel) #5

Hi Sayoub!
In my opinion your code is in the Olimpo together the greater scripts
for Blender. It’s very usefull and fundamental in the character animation.
Now I’m testing the effect of morphing function on the armature parented vertex. If this test is ok, I’m very honoured to include a BVK class in the MakeHuman. Your help is very appreciate!! :smiley:

What you think about this?

(Dani) #6

You should also have a look at this:

Looks very powerful… but needs a whole new architecture well at least a whole new modelling habit.
I just wish they could release their IP… new “muscle primitives”!
Maybe at next Siggraph…


(Manuel) #7

Ok! After the action of morphing, the armature is parented again!!!
This is a great notice, because now we can make 2 important features.

  1. The script can detect the angle between muscle, and an automatic
    correction morphing can be applied. Example: when the biceps is flex, we can apply an automatic morphing that correct the elbow and the biceps form.

  2. The human can be BVH compatible.


(Timonides) #8

o.k. sayoub…

Thank you very much… I’ll take a look at it and tell you what I think…

I’m looking forward for your next surprises!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


(Al_Capone) #9

will this have collision detection as well ?

(Manuel) #10

Collision like biceps-pectoral?
Mhh…no…at the moment…

(Al_Capone) #11

More like the mouth, chest and hehe :smiley: