Armature help o.o

Footplanting trouble
I’m having a bit of trouble with this armature. I put the Track To constraint on the leg so that it sticks close to its original position when I move my soldier for foot planting, but when I want to move the leg past the vertical it faces the opposite way.
I tried:
Limit Rotation on local Y Axis
Copy Rotation to FP_L
Rearranging the parenting so the feet are the main bones
And they all work like arse. Any ideas to fix this problem? Or is there a way better technique for footplanting than this?
Or… (eek) Am I going to be stuck with matching the position of the feet every time I move the armature?

Hi Dave12345, I’ve never tried Track to with a foot bone, but might expect such surprises. Rigging is an art in itself and maybe not always as intuitive as we’d like. Trylook here for other ideas. Most people use IK constraints for feet which accomodate the ‘planting’ very well. Also a corrective bone for the knee helps as even these bones behave unexpectedly sometimes.