Armature !Help please! (simple)

I want to use physics to knock over this box(see diagram) the armature is set to soft body and both objects are set to collision and do interact but the box dosnt fall over like I would Like it to.


Maybe the box should be a “rigid body”?
And above all “deformed meshes” don’t use collision…well, only inside the “size” doted line.

should the box on the arm be set to something in physics mode? can an armature animation work with bullet physics?


Try with Cloth-physics.It’s the same like Softbody but will add more reality!
Test your idea with all Cloth-options :Struct and Bend Stiff and so…
For object with armature :Enable Collision(F7>Collision panel)
You can Bake and re-Bake all process or Alt+A.
Hope this attachment helps!:smiley:


hand.blend (514 KB)

Nice that was helpful.