armature help pleaseeeeeeee

please help, the cylinder doesn’t bend correctly

unfortunately, I still cannot get it to work, i followed all the instructions , at least I thought I did, but I still have the same problem, as the picture above,
I am using blender 2.41

These are the steps I took:

I create a cylinder
I create skeleton at the bottom
I exude to create the second part.

in object mode, i right click on the cylinder
I go to modifier tab and add Modifier
I add armature
in the modifier name ,
i write A and press tab, Armature comes out
I now right click on the skeleton in pose mode and press

Now I try to rotate the cylinder,

I result in a picture above,

I’'m sorry, but i’m really confused, did I do something wrong???


moving/rotating an object that is child of an armature after parenting is a bad idea

what are you trying to do?

See if this helps you:


Thank you so much for helping me, i loaded your file in and it was exactly what i wanted, but I can’t duplicated my self, i am completely lost , i read all the tutorial, followed all the instruction, i just don’t know what i’m missing.

I even check every button you had depressed on your .blend file, so i recorded myself attaching the skin,

  i need a place to upload it, or anyone willing to help i can just sent the video to them 

 i'm probably missin something really small and stpud, sorry to bother you guys so much on something so small

Don’t bother uploading the recording, it takes too long for me to download it on 56k modem anyway. Just send me your .blend file and I’ll see what needs to be done ([email protected]).