armature help

How do you use armature bones to move objects without deformation?

I’ve been trying to use an armature to move small spheres around a central sphere… but I don’t want the spheres deformed.

I’ve tried turning off the deformation buttons and using hinge… nothing happens… the armature moves but the spheres don’t.

Wondering if this is another OS X bug in the 2.40 rc1

(in case any OS X developers read this… if you add Noise in Materials all the settings for Noise are missing.)

Use the 2.3 method; Ctrl-P >> To Armature >> To Closest Bone.


Already have the spheres parented to the bones, and the vertices assigned in the vertex groups in Link and Materials.

It works with deform turned on. So I know I have the vertices connected right. But I don’t want the spheres deformed from their origin out.

Upload the file or send it to me at ([email protected]) so we can see what’s happening please.


e-mailed the file to you…


I see no distortion on windoze. Rotated and grabbed bones without doing anything but toggle from Ortho to Perspective. But I see that you have both Vertex Groups assigned to both Cubes.


if you’re able to rotate one cube at a time then I have only one vertex group assigned to one bone. If I had both vertex groups assigned to both bones… you’d get deformation too. Even if I delete the other vertex group from a bone … I still get deformation… in any case, it works for you but not for me on OS X

assigned to both bones

Assigned to each cube. I only mentioned it because it’s the only thing I can find in the file that may, just may… have any influence at all.

in any case, it works for you but not for me on OS X

Use the search, or Membership list, to find the profile for Lukep. He manages the OSX builds and I’m sure he’d be keen to look at your file.


thanks Fligh

I noticed that you help a lot of people on this forum and not everyone seems appreciative… I just wanted to let you know I’m glad you’re here and thank you for all your help.


That’s good to hear, thank you!