Armature help

Hello all.
I’m currently trying to set up an armature system for this creature I’m working on. My problem is, after I created the armature, I realized I had made the leg bones ‘backwards’ per say.
Instead of rotating at the hip like it should, the upper leg bone rotates at the knee, and the lower leg rotates at the ankle. Is there any way to change the point at which each bone rotates without re-creating the bones?


break the parenting, snap the 3d cursor and snap one bone at a time to the cursor, all bones done? redo the parenting and select connect as well.
Or just snap the roots in the right place, then parent them again and select the "co"nnection button, the roots will snap to their parent bones tips anyway.

Okay, I’ll have to reposition the bones though, after I snap them? Because when I snap them to the cursor now, they flip about. If I do, that’s fine, it saves me work regardless.

On a side note, is there any way to soften the edges of what a bone grabs? Like using the proportional edit falloff tool, but with armatures.
I’m not sure if that made sense.