Armature in BGE

Hi everyone,
I’d like to ask sth about armature animation in BGE, I’ve animated one character, just walking, I’ can walk, BUT how can i set my action Actuator to play animation only when I’m holding key, and when i stop holding my key she stops with her legs straddled sometimes.
pls help. Can i adjust it to always when i stop pressing the key it will take armature to default position?

make at least two actions, example, one “Idle” and one “Walking”
Now, in the first state slot “play” the idle animation, and in the second state slot “play” the walk one!
Now you must find a way to change between states when pressing the keys!
Do you know how to do it?
If not, I’ll post an example!

Use the “loop stop” mode. That means, when the action actuator is deactivated by a connected controller, it stops playing the current action.

But this also means the current pose remains as it is.

You can activate another one (idle?) as OTO already said.

OTO: I don’t know how to switch states or change between them.
Monster: thats exactly my problem. It work best with “Loop stop” but it stops as you said. :frowning:
Here is my .blend (Animation is mine…really simple, just legs so far. And model is downloaded)

there’s many ways to achieve the “states” change, here’s one:
Let me know if you understand it!

well, i made it similar. Here is how :yes:.
but thanks.

Well, it seems to work well!