Armature in the BGE

I used the keyboard sensor and the IPO actuator on the armature and the mesh that was parented to the armature, but it doesn’t play in the game engine. It plays it in the 3d View, but once the game starts nothing happenes.
How do I make the armature deform the mesh in the game engine?


Wrong actuator, use Action actuator for the armature only, type in the name of the action(if you don’t know, check the action editor or type “Action”), frame length, and you’re done.

I did that and it doesn’t work. Is there something wrong with the rigging?
The model I have is imported from Makehuman - if that helps.

You’re using Armature Modifier, maybe?
Don’t do that, instead use/create Vertex Groups and parent the character the Armature!

That doesn’t work either. The action is supposed to start when the LMB is hit, but nothing changes. Is this a bug in Blender or is it just me doing something wrong?

can you post a blend?


Yes, most probably you’re doing something wrong…and a straight use of a Make Human model its not a good idea!
As digiman suggests, post a blend!