Armature in the game problem!

my character with an animated armature wont move in the game!! i tried
to put action actuators but still wont move!

did you link the actuator to the armature ?

you have to link the logc brick to the armature and set up the frame you wanted to play in the action.

There are plenty of different things that could be causing your problem. It very likely could be a parenting issue. Select the model that the armature is controling, the press [Alt+P] to clear parenting. Now select the model and the armature (select the armature last so that it will be the “active object”). Press [Ctrl+P] and pick the option for armatures, then select “Don’t create groups” from the option menu that pops up (because your vertex groups were saved from before).

That might work. No guarantees. Press [P] and see what happens.

“great” advice :rolleyes: