Armature -> IPO

(S68) #1

Might sound strange, but I have made a piece of animation using armatures. It works fine but, for going on on my idea i would need to throw away the armature and keep the animation as IPO to the object formerly parented to that armature.

Is this possible somehow?

Thanx in advance


(S68) #2

OK… I’ve done what I wanted with NLA, but it was long and painfull. With IPOs would have been easier… so my question stands


(theeth) #3

what do you want to do? Maybe there’s an easier way to do it.


(S68) #4

Hehe… will be a surprise :wink:

anyway blender crashes because of too high vertex count. Will decimate as soon as possible…


(theeth) #5

come on, it can be a secret 8)


(S68) #6

I wanted to make a cyclic animation. And I wanted more copies to do that animation with a given delay.

With IPO I have good control:
1 - Cyclic extension is great
2 - To give delay, just translate.

With Armature:
1 - I had to add fake position before and after the single period to prevent things starting with 0 velocity.
2 - I had to duplicate actions, create NLA actions, make the cycle once for each action in the NLA window…

Will be used on CiRo project (see WIP forum) 8)